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Welcome to The Pinpoint Group

The Pinpoint Group [TPG] was founded with a clear mission in mind - to pinpoint the pitfalls of workers compensation challenges for injured federal workers and the disconnect for physicians. TPG provides turnkey solutions for federal employees, physicians and the federal government. Our approach creates a winning strategy for all parties involved.

About Us

We are a team of highly qualified Physicians, Physical Therapists, Administrators, Coordinators, Techs and Consultants. We take pride in delivering timely solutions that impact the daily lives of our patients as well as our client’s bottom line.We are confident that our extensive experience, array of service algorithms and becoming subject matter experts in workers compensation for federal employees will meet and exceed your expectations. We look forward to adding you to our growing list of satisfied clients! Call us Today!

Our Services

Clinical Practice Management

TPG provides the essential aspect of running a successful practice from coordinating and organizing all administrative and clinical processes within the healthcare facility.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Facilities

Our expertise extends to providing top-notch care in physical medicine and rehabilitation, promoting the well-being and recovery of our patients.

Revenue Cycle

Unlock the full revenue potential of your practice. Our system will boost efficiency, productivity, increase cash flow and improve your bottom line.

Claims Management

Trust us to handle claims efficiently, reducing administrative burdens and streamlining the process for a smoother experience.


Our experienced consultants are ready to collaborate with you, offering strategic insights and guidance to optimize your healthcare management practices.

Education & Training

Stay at the forefront of industry trends with our comprehensive education and training programs, equipping your team with the latest knowledge and skills.

Why The Pinpoint Group?

TPG does two things... build relationships and solve problems. For years, we have been fueled by a mission to create positive change for the peaks and valleys of workers compensation in the federal healthcare space and management services for practices looking to service injured federal workers. Today, our team brings together the documented research, critical thinking coupled with over 75 years of combined experience that creates a long lasting impact. We focus on truth, fairness, building goodwill, creating kinships and identifying benefits for all parties.

Our Clients